Life of Korea! (City Tour)

1. Thursday Sightseeing tour of palaces and Korean traditional culture

Korean cultural palace tour day
 Experience the best of traditional Korea.
 You can visit Deoksugung ( or
 Changdeokgung (
 You can get more information on the web site.

There are many traditional shops and restaurants here. You can buy souvenirs and enjoy Korean traditional food and snacks. Insadong is similar to Asakusa street in Tokyo.

Seoul tower(
Seoul tower may remind you of the Tokyo tower in Japan.
You can look down the Seoul city nightscape at the top of the Seoul tower and enjoy Korean food.
Depending on the situation, (traffic jam or weather etc.) Some tour plans may be changed for your safety and comfort.

2. Friday Dinner Party


 You can enjoy Korean food courses.
 Many vegetarian courses are available, so no matter what you can enjoy delicious Korean cuisine!

There are also opportunities to show your talents! Any member of IPNFA can apply.

3. Saturday Optional Tour

 If you visit other areas in Seoul and need any help from us, IPNFA-Korea staff will guide you. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
1) Gangnam street
 Gangnam street is very famous Downtown in Seoul. It's similar to Ginza area in Tokyo. There are many shops, dining bars and so on. At Gangnam street, you can really enjoy the essence of Seoul.

2) Hongdae street.
 There are some universities around Hongdae street.
 You can enjoy Seoul's youth atmosphere as well as various clubs.

3) Seoul tower

4) Insadong
If we can not visit #3 and #4 on the first day, you may visit Insadong on the 3rd day.

4. Sunday 1day tour (Optional)

 You are welcome to visit another area in Seoul if you would like to. If there are any problems, the IPNFA-Korea staff will guide you, so feel free to contact us during the meeting.